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Mod Version : ALPHA | % of version completed : 70%

We tested the Mod on a very very local area network. Two computers, actually. Our dignosis of teh mod. The fish does too much damage, though it is fun to jetpack strafe people and smack em into gibs with it. So, we either take down the damage or increase the swing time. What do you think, email us with your ideas via the contact page.
Oh, we have a strange pic of Gordan Freeman holding a mackeral.


Very little to add. The fish has had a cosmetic overhaul. I added a halo, so now you can call it a holy mackeral. (bad bad joke). 

Oh, I got omnikron: the nomad soul for my birthday, so I've been playing that...
Also, check out some responses to the Mod itself at Very promising replies.


Site is up and running. We've already receieved positive feedback from people who've seen some weapon pics. We hope you enjoy the site.
The alpha version is almost completed, ready for some closed lan testing to work out basic bugs in the weapons, brainstorm new ideas and set upon a class system. Stay tuned.

P-Slam (c) 2001 SIlverfish and C_Dawg. Copy and die....

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