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Weapons: Hefty doses of stupidity...

The Menu Background

Weapons: Hefty doses of stupidity...
The M-4 look alike assault rifle: Empties an eighty round clip within 4 seconds. Can send 160 points of damage into an unwary player, though it's fast firing rate means that it's woefully in-accurate. It also fires dumb rockets.

The Fish:A mighty sea bass, or bream, or something. I never ever did like fishing, or even fish (though they taste nice in batter). In any case, the fish does 100 damage, though unlike the knife in TFC there's an armour save.

An AK-47 assault rifle. Actually meant to be a power shotgun. Just a temporary model I knocked up. Anyway, teh shotgun, with reduced damage, can empty it's 25 shell magazine very rapidly. Alternate fire shoots slugs.

Mini-mag: Primary fire is slow but accurate, secondary empties the 30 bullet clip in 5 seconds but is totally in-accurate.

Nuke Launcher: Once again, a temporary model. It fires nukes. 2 of them. That's all...

Good year Blimp. A floating Satchel Charge, useful for taking down jet-packing players.

Spam grenade: Bounces here and there pschotically, then explodes and spawns a shower of gibs. Totally un predictable and unreliable, but the gibs do damage to the player (much like Caltrops in TFC) 

Silent-Scope MK-24 rifle: A sniper rifle. Duh. It's 5 bullet clip takes a while to fire, but each bullet packs a poten 80 point damage value. Can be zoomed.

P-Slam (c) 2001 SIlverfish and C_Dawg. Copy and die....