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Dear Visitor,

P-Slam. An anagram would be Spam-L. Or something. I strongly dislike Spam Luncheon Meat (It's just plain SPAM, in Australia)

Anyway, Iím not big on the mod scene. Nobody has every heard of me, or my compadre C_Dawg, or our posse of prospective mappers. This mod is a whack mod (thatís right, with an Ďhí). Now, I hear you say, if itís one of those mods that arenít very serious like C-S, but are still lots of fun, why donít I play Arg, or Rocket Crowbar

Iíll tell you why. Do either of those mods include, amongst their weapons, a fish. Yes, you heard me correctly, a fish (some sort of silver trout). Inspired by the fish slapping scene in Monty Python, I guess. 

Anyway, as I was saying, this is not a particularly innovative mod.However, itís fun. It makes people laugh. Itís strange. Itís humiliating being slapped around the head with a trout and if youíre sexually exited by being beaten with fish (thereís bound to be a few perverse gamers out there) it can be quite an enjoyable nightís gamingÖ.

Oh, and this Page is 133t s|>34k free (or |>|-|r33)

Nothing annoys me more than some lamer gamer going on about their L-eet skillz. Learn to fu***ing spell. Not That I can talk, but at least you can understand most of my subject matter. At 133st 1 |-|0|>3 \_/  C4|\|.

Any way, continue, and peruse the meagre contents of this page...

Very Un-Something...

SilverFish and C-Dawg

Joint Project leaders of P-Slam

P-Slam (c) 2001 SIlverfish and C_Dawg. Copy and die....