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Mission goal:
To create a real-world, immersive action/adventure game with RPG elements, semi-linear game-play (player is free to choose how to confront events within a set level structure) and use of technology, i.e. operable computers, fuses etc…
Most people who read this are going to say, "This is just a cheap imitation of Deus Ex". Those few people who hated that game will say, "This is an even shitter version of Deus Ex". Whatever way you see it, you're wrong. This game doesn't aspire to be Deus Ex, or Half-Life or Even System shock, for that matter. It is simply realism. Not so real as not to be fun. In some cases, like its setting, you are asked to suspend disbelief, and simply play the game as a game. One of the faults in Deus Ex was its contrived plot line, with the JC Denton character playing out some Deus Ex Machina role. It kinda killed the realism when you ended up saving the world. The same with half-life; The levels involving a simple 'escape to the surface' premise were fine, you never thought that you were that important. Events occurred around you, making the world believable because not everyone was talking to you, and not everything that happened happened because you had something to do with it. As soon as Nihilanth was mentioned the game kind of died for me.

This game aims to rectify this. As far as I can see, the only single player MOD of any note is the exemplary They Hunger series. There is a definite absence of any true Half-Life TC, complete with the coding, modelling and design seen in MP Mods. The obvious exception is the Gunman Chronicles, but even that was criticised for not altering the ageing HL engine enough, and this is a near permanent software development house we're talking about. What hope then does a fledgling group (I'm the sole member, currently) lead by an inexperienced 15-year-old hold? Well, to combat the fact that the HL engine is over 3 years old, the development time for this MOD will be a mere 6 months. After that time, and if the Mod still isn't completed, it will (hopefully) be converted to another engine, either the Q3, UT or TF-2 engines.

This Mod doesn't have to be polished. Slightly buffed should be sufficient. In any case the people willing to work on this won't be industry all-stars. They'll be part time HL fans, who know a bit about coding, modelling or level design, or who have a grounding in 2D artwork. They'll be people who'll be willing to listen to the exited, amphetamine fuelled babbling a teenage techno-addict, creative people who can decide stuff for themselves. People who know games, who know what art is and aren't afraid to mix the two. 

In short, the greatest collection of morphine addicts, egomaniacs, wankers, pratts, con artists, pyromaniacs, perverted Marxists, common thieves, people dressed in egg suits, Communist Dictators and mongooses eating Spam © the world has ever seen. 

So what are you waiting for, head over to the recruitment page and apply now. Or, if you're just interested in the Mod, browse around the site.


Silverfish [Project Leader]

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