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Join the team:

Before we actually start, the story and character design needs to be finalised. Every team member should try their hardest to put their creative thoughts into this process. If you think something is to stupid to include, I'll scrap it, if you come up with a good idea, I'll stick my name on it and take the credit :) 

There are currently applications open for every team member under the sun, including:

Story board assist/Scrip assist

Basicly helps me work out problems in the story, assists in writing out the way game will play, ie. works out how story interfaces with levels (every team member welcome to contribute)

Weap Coder

Someone with some prior experience in weapon coding, but it doesn't matter if you're still learning. Preferably with their own copy of Visual C++ or other compiler.

Misc Coder

Prior experience with C++, own copy of Vis C++. Able to assist in creating a false OS to be used in the game, working on minor engine coding, AI and that sort of stuff.


Own copy of any half decent modelling software. Knows a bit about skeletal animation and the like. Acess to the SDK and an artistic mind. 

2D art guy

Someone good at art, and possibly with access to wally to make some .WAD files.

Sound Man

Someone with acess to good recording equipment. We probably won't need this till later.

Level designers

People who know something about WorldCraft, how to manage R speeds and can use scripted sequences and the like. If you can make your own textures, that's even better.

Contact me at


send job applications to The game email -

Main | Mission Goal | Story | Items | Join