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Not much has changed in the future. The greatest advances have been in electronics, and to this end there has been a huge increase in the amount of PC's constructed, with new methods producing thousands of inexpensive but powerful computers.
There are no ray guns, no lasers or anti-grav bikes. Everything is pretty much as it is now, and this applies to weapons. Law enforcement officers use refined versions of glocks or new breeds of automatic revovers. The military still uses assault rifles and sub machine guns, though these have both been refined and have a huge range of peripherals available.
There are no force fields, and the bullet is still deadly.


Aerosole can
M4 assault rifle

The weapons available in this game are essentially the weapons of today. However, I'll need contact with someone whose a professed gun nut before deciding on a concrete weapon list.
However, the available weapons will include military, police and construction hardware, along with makeshift weapons like aerosole can grenades and an adjustable spanner converted to a temporary mace.
An inventory system which assigns weapons to various slots and holters strapped to your body will be implamented, and will allow for a variety of ammo types to be used in each weapon.
Aiming will be realistic, ie. shooting while running will cause a great number of shots to go stray, and a locational dmage system will be implamented.


Computer literacy is almost universal, with even the most poverty stricken family having some access to a communal terminal. The Shrapner institute is, too, a wired community, and in the course of her journey, Chloe Taylor (the player) will discover a number of computer terminals to access (after entering the correct password) and her very own hand held PC, complete with a number of (fictional) hacking tools and a handy pocket itinerary planner.

MX-16 H/PC

The H/PC in question is a Maniya Corporation MX-16, with an AMD CPU clocking in at 4.33 GHZ. 10 GIG solid state flash memory and 512 megs of ram complete the package. By no means a fast computer compered to contemporary desktops, the MX-16 is still a useful tool and is issued to all workers at the Shrapner institute. 

In the game, the MX-16 will be used for:

  • Bypassing Desktop PC security systems vie ICE breaker
  • Opening electronically locked doors
  • Remote control of some turrets or cameras
  • Radar mapping
  • Propagating viruses
  • Controlling Maintenance bots

The MX-16 evolves over time by uploading programs from Desktop PCs or receiving programs from the internet

Desktop computers can also be used (and hopefully, unlike the static screens of Deus Ex, a real OS can be used), and along with the ability to control doors, turrets and cameras, there will be limited access to the Internet and the ability to read emails and other files (ie, death records.).

There will also be a number of plug in neural thingies, mostly designed for the military, that give you such abilities as night vision, infared, heartbeat monitors, health monitors etc.. The downside is that only 3 can be plugged in at once.


The levels will incorperate firefights and problem solving involving hacking or use of lateral thinking to bypass areas. The game play within levels will be no linear, though the level structure will not. Use of Hacking, ie. Hijacking a maintenance robot and blocking a crucial exit with it, or utilising air ducts to bypass areas will be included. Emails present on PC's will further the storline along, and flesh out the idea of a futuristic Distopia.
The primary objective of the player is too escape the Shrapner Institute, though other objectives, like freeing prisoners, infecting computers with viruses or destroying power stations will occur. Of course, players will be hindered by security guards, police, the military and insane inmates. Objectives like these will come from NPC's or messages received on your MX-16 (Chloe taylor made a lot of tech head friends, as soon as they discover that she's alive, they'll offer assistance via email)


The player will meet a small number of NPC's who play a greater role than to just be cannon fodder, fleshing out the story with dialog and possibly cutscenes. Helpful NPC's may also aid you in fire fights, and assist you by carrying round weaponary that won't fit in your own inventory.


The MX-16 can control small maintenance type robots, but to master the larger security bots a special plugin neural thingy (PNT) is required. Like in the Matrix and System Shock, damage to your virtual host will cause reciprocal damage to you.


These range from security guards and wardens to trained military units (featuring snipers, assualt and demo men). Police fall in between these two extremes, along with a host of mad inmates who'll stop at nothing to eat parts of your body never designed to be consumed.
Guard dogs will also make an appearance, along with attack helicoptors and APC's. Scientists and construction workers - who usually run when they see you - can also be provoked to attack you in their own pansy ways.

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